Turning Sixty


Some may remember “Digger Jarvis” a Gnome that went missing from Mallala in South Australia 20 years ago, Sited in numerous Town’s in SA and a “topic’ on Today Tonight…… Digger has been holidaying at the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn for the last 18 month’s, his owner “JJ” for the last 6 years, ever since we purchased the Business.

Well, Diesel (yours truly), Maria and Andrew, don’t take much time away from the Business, but when, Digger Jarvis’s Grand kid’s, “JJ’s Daughters, Lisa, Nicole and Stacey,,, called us and advised they were arranging a surprise Birthday Party for their Dad “JJ” we were in, 500 kms round trip, to ensure we were back to arrange Breakfast for our Guests, we headed off and, boy ‘o’ boy “JJ” was, well shocked and speechless but, he is now a friend for life!

See, at the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn, we establish a bond with our customers, “JJ” call’s us for Christmas, Birthday’s and Easter, or we call him first, as we are a “Family”, Ali (Regular – Room 24) Dave L (Room 11), Geoff (Geoff’s Room – Room1 for 6 years – 5 days a week), Tony “Jurk’ Room 10, Geoff D (Room 37)… Ross and Carol (Room 46), Lawyer Mark (Room 37 also – different nights thou), Sam (51) Norm 50, Mick (49), Wendy (Room 23), Cathy and Terry, and list goes on and on and on and on and on. 75% of our clientele are the same return patrons,, YEP they have GST and a bit on you “JJ”

Sorry we have missed the 100’s of other regulars……. BUT one thing is for shore, we thank you for your Friendship!

Anyway back to “JJ” and Digger, Digger has moved out of the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn, destined for the Greek Island’s as he has ‘GOOGLED’ every other complex on the GLOBE and can not find anything comparable to the clean and comfortable conditions at the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn here in Port Augusta, South Australia….. That is why he stayed for 18 months….

While, “JJ” may be nursing a sore head this morning, we woke up tired, but privilege to be included as part of his milestone Birthday celebrations… Great Night,, what a close knit family, proud Dad, they like us, love JJ!~

Here, is a couple of snaps of Digger being fare-welled from the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn and walking away to connect with his Flight, just down the road and at “JJ’s” Birthday Celebration’s

Safe Travel’s Digger, the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn will miss you, BUT you look 60 Years Younger then when you arrived! Funny About that!

And well “JJ” you are “60”

See you soon, “JJ” at Breakfast and for a Cold Froffie after work!