It was 3AM when Maria answered the phone. “HARO. PEAS! JAPAN PEAS! ALP” Yep some tru blu Japanese Tourists in Distress. Their car had broken down, they were stranded in Port Augusta, tired and alone. But our guests need not worry. When everybody else was sleeping we were doing our job – taking care of our guests.

Next Morning, in various languages, we work out they needed to get to “RADELAIDE” urgently to continue adventure around Australia with a new set of wheels………

After a good nights sleep, a hearty breakfast our guests are faced with the prospect of a long bus ride. Maria decides that just won’t do. Stranded never Abandoned. She invites our Japanese to jump into our jalopy! and Maria is on her way to Adelaide with our Foreign Tourists.

I’m not sure what the ‘sushi conversation’ was on the journey, but they survived Maria’s driving and were happy to be 350kms closer to purchase that new car to continue their adventure!

When they got to Adelaide, Maria gave the Tourists a quick guided tour of our capital City including the Adelaide Central Markets

Safe Travels Japan! We loved having you stay and wish you well on your travels around Australia! We wouldn’t be in any other business, especially when you have Great People like this!