Matrics stars slept soundly after Port Augusta win!

Matrics deserve good night’s sleep!

We all need a good night’s sleep, and champion Netball team, Matrics deserved it after their game against Phoenix.  They came away with a good win. They emerged victors by 20 goals over their fierce rivals. The game was played in Port Augusta as the State Premier Netball Competition headed to the country. It was great to see former Port Augusta local girls featured in the game. After the tough battle, Matrics headed back to Acacia Ridge Motor Inn to recover.  Comfortable beds and quiet clean rooms make for a good night’ sleep.

The Matrics stars are the Best of the Best! So it’s only fitting, that the Best gets the Award winning accommodation with us!!

These women are Stars by name and by nature. During their stay with us, they showed why they are such a credit to the SA Netball League.  You could see they are true professionals. They even skipped our famous bacon and egg cooked breakfast because of their training commitments and super strict diet. Missing our delicious breakfast – wow-  that’s real will-power!

Matrics Port Augusta Mascot?

Port Augusta’s top dog is in negotiating to provide his services as the team Mascot in Port Augusta. It’s rumored the many of the other netball  teams want Diesel Dog as their mascot too. But there is only so much of a good thing!

Bye ladies, Thanks for choosing to stay with us at Acacia Ridge Motor Inn. Safe travels and we wish you every success for the 2016 season! See you back here on your next road trip. Go Matrics!

PS Here is Andrew’s attempt at a Dad joke:
Q: What’s the nicest place for Netballers on the court?
A: The scent-er circle  (centre circle, 😆 )
)( I know,  a real stinker of a joke!)