Fast Feet, Fabulous Food and Fury New Friends!

Fast Feet!

Wow what a weekend! Pichie RichieMaria and Andrew were run off their feet last weekend.

Saturday Night was huge! The Acacia Ridge Motor Inn crew were in top form catering for the biggest coach group of the year!

Pichi Richi is in full swing, the Coach Group were all in for Dinner Saturday night after experiencing a magnificent day on the Afghan Express! Toot Toot!!


Fabulous Food!

Stacey did a fantastic job looking after Reception; Robyn ran the Bar and was Head Waitress and new comer Chloe has stepped up to the plate. Andrew and Maria, cooked all day and Reece was Dessert by Reecebusy making delectable sweetness.

The most important meal of the day is breakfast and Sunday morning’s line up for our famous Bacon and Eggs Buffet was amazing too. No-one was skipping breakfast, that’s for sure!

No rest this week either. We have another 2 large groups heading to Port Augusta, the “Jewel of the North”.

On a personal note

Diesel Dog (that’s me) met a new friend! Outside the Bank, at the front door! She had to wait out the front with me too.

Diesel at Bank She wasn’t very talkative unlike the friendly CBA Crew in the Branch. Once you wander inside you understand why they have been voted the #1 Bank!

Til next time!