Movie Review: Last Ride

Ideal Location

Port Augusta – the Jewel of the North – is renowned for the beautiful Flinders Ranges, the Cultana Ranges, the rugged scrub land. It is also the ideal location to produce a Movie! One of those Movies produced right here in Port Augusta was the “Last Ride” .

The Story starts with..

The movie is about a 10 year old boy Tom Russell (Chook) and his father, Hugo Weaving (Kev). The entire film is about a road trip that takes the pair out into the rugged Australian outback in and around Port Augusta. Shortly into the film it becomes abundantly clear that Kev and Chook are running from some form of trouble rather than to any particular destination.

At a Road House, Chook (aka Weaving) changes his identity in the restroom, giving himself a haircut and a shave in the sink and a little later ditches their car and removes the rego plates in an attempt to conceal the identity of the owner.
The film capitulates the harsh beauty of the South Australian outback and surrounding landscape to which the pair try to maintain normality in spite of their dire situation. What is ultimately a sad, standout showcase of Weaving’s talents as a fellas good intentions cant’ fix the irreparable mistakes that have already been made.
Weaving plays a criminal with an uncontrollable temper. He visits his ex girlfriend (Anita Hegh) and we discover this relationship was terminated by her because he hit her! (Boo)
But with charm (like Diesel Dog) he manages to get her back in the sack for the afternoon and with this charm he manages to win over others they encounter on the trip unless he choose to attack and rob them.
Weaving throughout the film shows genuine love to Chook (aka Russell), though while he’s also fatherly he is also frightening at many points. One of those being when he tosses Russell into the water and laughs while he watches the lad who can not swim try to paddle back to the waters edge.
The pair become increasingly concerned about the fate of a friend they left behind (John Brumpton) and in the unhappy ending they come to the realization of what happened to Brumpton and the fact that they are going to run out of road.
So there you have it folks, if you have an hour and 40 minutes watch this Movie called the Last Ride and ponder the thoughts next time you are in Tom and Weaving may have once occupied your room at the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn right here in Port Augusta!
Diesel Dog – Top Dog (and Budding Film Star)