Herbie comes to Port Augusta

herbie at Pt Augusta

The other night we had some thing really special stay at the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn here in Port Augusta.

It was top secret and we were not allowed to let on to anyone…. (even Diesel didn’t get a ‘heads up’ ). Even Maria was being so quiet! Maybe she had the “Love Bug”

So what was so special? And why the “secret squirrels”? Yes, you guessed, we had a very special guest!

If you have some age on your side (like mum and dad), you will remember Herbie the 1963 VW Racing Car! It was acacia ridgy-didge, I checked the license plate and it read  “OFP-857”. Yup. The real deal.

I got up early and took a quick snap, as Herbie slept on the back of Tony’s Car Carrier.

Tony and Herbie wouldn’t stay anywhere else when they come through Port Augusta. They are like Family. Tony loves Room 10 (which we have just renovated and are waiting for new cabinets). In the next blog we reveal Rob – the BEST Cabinet Maker – in the Spencer Gulf!

Check out a Herbie Fan’s youtube .click on the license plate below!