Crows Challenge 2016

Crows Challenge

AFL Premierships are hard to win. It’s been 18 years since Diesel Dog and his hound pack celebrated the Crows last premiership. So Diesel decided to devise the winning formula. It starts here in Port Augusta!

Note to PAFC members:
Port Adelaide will be disappointed that this winning way is NOT available to them. Sorry, but my mind is made up.  Don’t bother pestering me, or I just may seek to take the PORT out of Port Augusta. (I have friends….)

The Plan

The premiership plan takes advantage of Port Augusta’s fabulous natural assets. The Boys will have to follow  Diesel as he pushes them to  their limits. The harsh outback climate will test them as they:

It will be difficult. Many of the Boys don’t possess Diesel’s natural athleticism. But try, they must.
One thing is guaranteed, they will be inspired by the Jewel of the North and what it offers.

The Country’s Best

Central Oval will be pivotal to get us to that One Day in September!
Our Town’s Oval is ranked among the most elite construction projects delivered. It was recognized in a national awards ceremony recently.

The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors named Central Oval as the nation’s best regional project for 2015, putting the facility among other winners including the Adelaide Oval redevelopment. The surface is magnificent; I’ve even tested it myself!!!  (Nice Goal Posts too……..)

The $21 million project was jointly funded by state and federal governments as well as the Port Augusta City Council.  I am sure they ALL had the Crows interests at heart when this was first planned.

Act Now!

So here’s the Diesel Challenge: get the Best Team in the State to the Best Regional Oval in the State here in Port Augusta for a kick and a catch.

1.       Get the Boys on the Bus to Port Augusta

2.       Take the Diesel  Challenge to Peake PYKE performance.
As advertised: (If it’s Don, It’s Good)

With a comfy night stay at the BEST MOTEL in Town the ACACIA RIDGE MOTOR INN we will be on a winning formula in 2016.
It has been 18 long years and Diesel may not be around for the next as I’ll be inching towards 170 dog years

Celebrate! I can already hear the Old Man signing their song already.
“They are the PRIDE Of PORT AUGUSTA …..Ahh… South Australia. They are the mighty Port Augusta Crows!”

And when we’ve delivered we will get Mayor Sam Johnson to shut down the Commercial Road for a Parade of the Best of the Best of the AFL in 2016!


Diesel Dog

(PS You on your way yet fellas?)