Arid Lands Friends

Arid Lands

Friends help Friends Here we are with Rhonda Hall who devotes countless hours to the group, known as the “Friends of the Arid Lands” that maintain, expand and improve the beautiful Arid Lands Botanical Gardens in Port Augusta. A must see attraction, when visiting the ‘Gate Way’ to the Flinders Rangers. The Acacia Ridge Motor Inn is both pleased and…

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Matrics stars slept soundly after Port Augusta win!

Matrics deserve good night’s sleep! We all need a good night’s sleep, and champion Netball team, Matrics deserved it after their game against Phoenix.  They came away with a good win. They emerged victors by 20 goals over their fierce rivals. The game was played in Port Augusta as the State Premier Netball Competition headed to the country. It was great…

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Port Augusta Goodbyes Polish Posse

This morning we said Good Bye to these guys who have been staying at the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn since July 6th last year.  Ahhhhh yep 2015… They are all the way from Poland and have been constructing/welding the Boiler Tanks at Sundrop Farm here in SA at Port Augusta. A boom for the town and the region economically. Tomorrow will be an unusual day for…

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Herbie comes to Port Augusta

The other night we had some thing really special stay at the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn here in Port Augusta. It was top secret and we were not allowed to let on to anyone…. (even Diesel didn’t get a ‘heads up’ ). Even Maria was being so quiet! Maybe she had the “Love Bug” So what was so special? And…

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WiFi Bed Food Perfect

Wi-Fi Traveling Essentials

You won’t miss out on Wi-Fi here Just because you’re on the road traveling,  doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Life’s Essentials. Apart from keeping your room as comfortable as we can make it, we provide as much as possible to keep you in touch and connected with the World. Fast Wi-fi. And your mobile and fully charged!…

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Crows Challenge 2016

Crows Challenge AFL Premierships are hard to win. It’s been 18 years since Diesel Dog and his hound pack celebrated the Crows last premiership. So Diesel decided to devise the winning formula. It starts here in Port Augusta! Note to PAFC members: Port Adelaide will be disappointed that this winning way is NOT available to them. Sorry, but my mind…

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Movie Review: Last Ride

Ideal Location Port Augusta – the Jewel of the North – is renowned for the beautiful Flinders Ranges, the Cultana Ranges, the rugged scrub land. It is also the ideal location to produce a Movie! One of those Movies produced right here in Port Augusta was the “Last Ride” . The Story starts with.. The movie is about a 10 year old…

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Leukemia Foundation Aussie Muscle Car Run!

Not often you get $5 Million Dollars of cars in your driveway, but Wednesday last week we did. The Leukemia Foundation Muscle Car Fundraising event spent two days in Port Augusta and we were elated that they chose to stay at the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn, not only for the secure facilities that we have, but for the A1 customer…

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Delivery Day for Diesel Dog!

No I am not pregnant I am a male. But today mum and dad loaded up some more pillows and made the final drop off to some of the Local Charities here in Port Augusta. Mum is pictured here with Sandra from the Salvation Army and Dad is with Gloria from Saint Vincent de Paul. Thanks ladies for your help…

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“Port Augusta’s Top Dog – Diesel – was digging up his favourite bone and found this alleged relic.