Port Augusta Goodbyes Polish Posse

Polish-GoodBye2This morning we said Good Bye to these guys who have been staying at the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn since July 6th last year.  Ahhhhh yep 2015…

They are all the way from Poland and have been constructing/welding the Boiler Tanks at Sundrop Farm here in SA at Port Augusta. A boom for the town and the region economically.

Tomorrow will be an unusual day for us at the Inn, as they became part of the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn Family. Although, we had a huge language barrier, we learnt to say “Dzień Dobry” every day! That’s ‘Good Morning” in Polish, we always had a laugh and a joke and there were plenty of thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then occasionally we would say “buziak mój dupa” , but I can’t tell you what that means, you will have to google that yourself! And the morning we said it to them, we have never seen coffee stray from so many mouths! From the other side of the world we met a group of people that we will never forget……

During there stay the Boy’s joined us for dinner when we had Coaches in and when we didn’t, we would have a Fish Night or a BBQ Night with some home cooked vegetables, because 9 months away from their families and loved one’s we just thought it was the right thing to do. Do too others as you would like done to you! They appreciated it and we had some fun and a laugh over a beer or three trying to understand each other.

Marg_LaundryMary (The Laundry Queen) did their washing, as she does for many of our long term guests, as these fella’s worked long and tireless hours welding, so can you imagine their clothes…… Black as the ‘ace of spades’ they appreciated it and as we got to know them we knew they appreciated the extra steps we took for them during their stay in Port Augusta!

Safe travels boys, nearly 9 months and a life time of memories, thanks for staying at the Acacia Ridge Motor Inn. We will miss you guys and your great personalities.

Thanks to Sundrop Farms and the vision or Port Augusta’s Sam Johnson our Mayor for choosing this great Town to, well grow Tomatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will keep ‘grilling’ them for our in-house breakfasts, as few other Motels have in-house cooked breakfasts like ours……………..

do widzenia (That means Goodbye in Polish!)

Diesel Dog!